a toy at work

When I was younger, I used to love watching trains go by. I remember being completely awestruck at the complexity and overwhelming style of some of the pieces that would roll by on the giant steel monsters. Once, I specifically remember asking my dad how a person could get so good at painting a train – how they could make something so amazing. While I’m sure the answer he gave satisfied the younger me, I am still constantly perplexed by and addicted to these colorful styles.

I strongly believe that the most dangerous thing to a person – no matter what trade – is his or her self.  As a kid that used to get made fun of for a lack of art skill, I know how easy it is to give up on something that doesn’t come naturally.  Art, sports, programming, relationships – they all require constant work and practice, and abilities grow over time, though the results may be hard to see day to day.  The passion and unique bond that arises from hundreds of hours of work and years of practice is something that cannot be matched by natural aptitude.  It is a special place to be in, and one that cannot be fully appreciated by those who have not been there as well.

I’m a toy at work.  My stuff has improved over the years, but there are 12 year olds who could put me to shame.  Many artists have greatly influenced me, though I owe the most to Dondi, Seen, Smash 137, Jaes and all the members of my crew – especially Satire, KP, Katz and SadikOne.  Their constant commitment to the progression of style and graffiti knowledge, along with their amazing feedback and never ending willingness to help one improve has meant so much to me.