From Start to Finish: Designing My First Skateboard

I recently decided to try and design my first skateboard.  I found one cheap on eBay and got to work.  After all, if I can’t ride while I’m on crutches – at least I can paint, right?

The first step was to prep the board for painting.  I had 2 options – either lightly sand it or put down an initial spraypaint coat so that my markers/pens would stick.  Being the spraycan-a-holic I am, I opted for the second method.  After experimenting with multi-color fading, I ultimately found that it would be easiest to simply paint the entire board white, then have at it with the paint markers.

Next up, I needed some type of design in mind.  I flipped through my blackbook and found this – a favorite of mine from a few weeks ago.  I decided to use this as a rough guide in terms of letter style and 3D.

Ask anyone – I’m very impatient.  I didn’t have the colors that I would have preferred, but instead of ordering more paint pens, I charged on with what I had.  Not the greatest colors, but I was happy with the end result.

Slowly but surely, the board starts to take shape.  The 3D remains off a tad, but not too noticeable.

After looking at it for a day, I decided the light purple just wasn’t cutting it.  I dug up a darker purple Sharpie (note – NOT a paint sharpie), and colored over it.  I also added shines to the blue bubbles and letters for depth.

Finished up the shines and added bubbles to the front and back of the board.  I figure this will get scratched up anyway – shouldn’t put too much effort into it.

A few days later, I decided the white didn’t do much to make the colors pop.  A few minutes later, and had this.  I think it really brings out the colors in the piece – especially with the yellow outline.  Thinking about putting colored wheels on it.

And of course, the geek artist in me couldn’t let this board go without some type of simple design on the top.  I added this stormtrooper from a stencil I cut a few months ago.